Awards – are they worth the effort?

Awards – are they worth the effort?
August 28, 2020
Together with CaderaDesign, SABO Mobile IT has developed the Audi dpa for the AUDI AG, the digital planning assistant for the development of assembly lines. Since completion, the Audi dpa has received six awards, including the Red Dot award, the IF Design Award, the German Design Award, and the Automation App Award. Recently, the Audi dpa has been awarded twice at the German Innovation Award in the category „B2B - Information Technologies“ and in the special category „Design Thinking“.

We are very pleased with the success of the Audi dpa.

However, success does not happen without our participation. Each award was deliberately selected, participation was coordinated with our customer Audi and our partner CaderaDesign, and presentations, documents, and videos were jointly prepared and submitted.  Each time, preparation for an award requires a review of the project to be submitted. Specific questions must be answered: questions which now come from outside and contain welcome ideas. Altogether, this is a lot of work for our team, but nevertheless an effort which we believe is worthwhile...

SABO Mobile IT focuses on innovative, complex solutions for medical technology and industry 4.0. Innovation is not just a buzzword for us, but in our fixed-price or agile projects, it is a daily driving force to create solutions for our customers that are noticeably different from previous approaches.  We always have the goal of generating the greatest possible benefit for our customers.

So why do we participate?

From the company's perspective, each of these awards highlights the performance of SABO Mobile IT and makes us more visible in a dynamic market environment. The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony is always a special highlight that generates attention and interest, and thus an opportunity for a wider audience to take a closer look at what SABO Mobile IT has to offer. On our website you can find out what we do and how we work, as well as who we work for and with what results.

Likewise, each time a project is awarded, it is also an acknowledgement and recognition of our customers, who, through their projects and their trust in SABO Mobile IT, make the development of award-winning products possible in the first place. And this means much more than just placing the order.

The award at the German Innovation Award for our design thinking approach in the development of the Audi dpa proves that we integrate our customers into our development teams and that they are actively involved in shaping the final product. Through the user-centered approach, the customer has an important influence on the final result. Agile development according to SCRUM ensures that the product always reflects the requirements of its future users. This ensures high user acceptance. We are very grateful for the professional cooperation and the very important technical "automotive input“ from Audi. The development team has created an innovative novel, cloud-based web application and together we can be rightly proud of the result.

Of course, this team also includes our employees - developers, project managers DevOps, system architects, and testers. Each award thus also honors the work of SABO Mobile IT employees, strengthens the team spirit and motivates each individual for new tasks.

A comprehensible, competent evaluation needs experts. The experienced juries of the well-known, prestigious awards play an important role. If the development team has in mind that the final result will one day measure up to the developments of other teams and is judged by independent experts, this is a further incentive- an incentive to design a product in such a way that it can be compared with other projects and products in terms of technology, user experience and benefits.

The six awards won by the Audi dpa are extraordinary accomplishments with which we are very pleased. We would like to thank our customer Audi, our partner CaderaDesign, and the entire SABO Mobile IT development team for the great cooperation.

So we will continue to submit work results, answer the questions of the juries, and create presentations and videos to present our projects to a wider audience- a job well worth doing.

Thomas is our Quality Assurance Manager gathering experience in service network development, production, and quality management since 2002. He likes bridging the technical and business angles in each project. He knows absolutely everything about the automotive industry, speaks 5 languages, and enjoys the cultural specifics.

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