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SABO Team - teambuilding 2021

SABO Mobile IT specializes in the development of web and mobile applications for industrial use. 

At SABO Mobile IT, we are a well-trained and experienced team of developers and programmers, system architects, UX/UI designers, project managers, and testers with a common passion: 

Creating innovations for our customers

Audi DPA - Digital planning assistantAudi DPA – Digital planning assistant on tabletKSB Guard - Remote monitoring of KSB pumps

What is more exciting than to participate in innovations, ignite ideas, create new ones, try them out, and drive them to perfection?

Especially where computer science interlocks with technology in machines, networks and production processes, there are always great challenges for engineers and creative thinkers.

This is our common driving force that sparks ideas and gives us the ability to effectively develop and perfect solutions for our customers.

This attitude is also shared by our customers, whose innovative solutions are in use worldwide. It explains why not only we enjoy long-term cooperation with our customers, but also they with us.

Audi DPA - Digital planning assistantAudi DPA – Digital planning assistant on tabletKSB Guard - Remote monitoring of KSB pumps


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Thomas Sykora produced the first applied IBM-PC based SCADA system in Germany and kept the IPR.

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Foundation of SYKORA - Systementwicklung Kommunikationsorientierter Rechenanlagen GmbH.

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Josef Sabo joined the company and became a 50% partner.

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Applied a GIS system to fully describe the logical and physical structure of a national telecommunication company.

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With Smallworld Ltd. SYKORA developed a technical resource planning system for telecommunication companies.

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Solutions developed by SYKORA were purchased by telecommunication companies in 21 countries. SYKORA operated with branches in 7 countries and a team working in Denver / USA.

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TietoEnator Corporation bought most parts of "SYKORA Group of Companies".

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SYKORA Data Center s.r.o. founded in Ostrava / CZ.

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Foundation of SABO Mobile IT GmbH. Josef Sabo and Thomas Sykora focused on development of the then innovative segment of mobile apps for German manufacturers of machines and medical devices.

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SABO Mobile IT opens an office in Olomouc / CZ.
Applied IoT technologies used for surveillence and control of machines.

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SABO Mobile IT developed a complex IoT solutions for MIWE. The MIWE shop baking suite controls and manages an unlimited number of backing stations – worldwide.

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SABO Mobile IT s.r.o. opens an office in Prague / CZ.
Applied machine learning with neural networks for HMI is used in project for our customers.

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The Audi dpa, developed by SABO Mobile IT and its partner CaderaDesign with Audi, receives the Red Dot Award, the German Design Award and the automation app award.

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SABO developed solutions for Augmented Reality utilising LiDAR sensors. The Audi dpa is rewarded with the IF Design Award.

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SABO started the development of IAS - Intelligent Assistant System. The second version of the Audi dpa is awarded with the German Innovation Award in two categories - Excellence in B2B – Information Technologies and Design Thinking

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Amalthea Group acquires 25% shares in SABO Mobile IT.
Since 2021, we have been successfully working together on digitization projects in the field of industrial IT and embedded solutions. Now we realize that the increasing integration of IT with the automation and process levels requires a fusion of embedded hardware and IT software tools.

Why Work

Experience and Sustainability

When our customers have new ideas, they come to us, because they trust us. Through long-term cooperation on long-term projects, we have gathered comprehensive experiences which allow us to create unique solutions.

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Reliability and

We respect the concerns of our customers and we also respect ourselves. Everyone wants to be able to stand behind the results of their work when they are judged on it. We make ourselves very aware of this.

SABO – About us background

Creativity and

Our driving force has always been the challenge of using newest technologies to build functional solutions. We know that invention becomes an innovation only after it is proven useful.

SABO – About us background

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