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For our industrial customers, we develop specialized software for the implementation of Industry 4.0. IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are enabling us to achieve significant increases in efficiency for our customers.

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SABO What we do – HMI

1/ HMI

The safe handling of software, machines and systems must be carried out without extensive training. Thanks to our intuitively designed HMIs (human-machine interface), even complex content is easy to operate and the software is quickly accepted by users.

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2/ IoT

Process data from plants and machines are collected and transferred to cloud-based systems (e.g. AWS and Azure). This enables the worldwide use of this data in real time.

SABO What we do – IoT
SABO What we do – Artificial Intelligence

3/ AI

Artificial intelligence models support employees in complex processes and help to automate procedures. This opens up new spheres of activity and potential.

4/ Intelligent assistant

The "Intelligent Assistant" is a new approach to using AI in direct human-machine interaction. The identification of all correlations between plant operation, plant efficiency and product quality by means of AI enables an instructor to accurately develop instructions for plant operators.

SABO What we do – Intelligent assistant
SABO What we do – Planning apps

5/ Planning digital factories

In order to plan the factory of tomorrow, many aspects must be taken into account: material flow, hall logistics, positioning of equipment, division of work, error prevention, data flow, and work ergonomics. All of these factors contribute to our goal of zero defects for each individually configurable series product with ever shorter lead times.

Leading companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology and production rely on our expertise.

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We value the cooperation with leading European research institutes, e.g. with the Steinbeis Foundation at the Technical University of Mannheim.


We create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that are tailored to customer requirements. We transform complexity into a positive user experience - for which our software has already received several awards.

Front end

Our developers implement sophisticated design drafts with the latest technologies - on every end device. We use Native or Xamarin for iOS and Android, React and Angular for web apps.

Back end

Industry 4.0 generates high volumes of data. Our backend team ensures that data processes run quickly and securely on all current platforms, integrated into the IT infrastructure of our customers.

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions – AWS Partner

Cloud-based solutions with the highest possible data security are the most effective way to scale our customers' applications and keep them up to date through continuous delivery. That is why we became an official member of the Amazon Partner Network APN with the status of AWS Select Partner.

Machine Learning

As early as 2016 we recognized the opportunities of machine learning using neural networks (KNN) and implemented them for our customers. Sensor data and camera images observe the use of our customers' equipment and the production environment - both the technical process and human behavior. We learn to recognize dangerous situations, give the right operating recommendations and avoid mistakes.


Our quality assurance follows the standards of mechanical engineering and medical technology in Germany. We test in a structured and thorough manner - during development and before delivery to our customers. Unit tests, automated tests and the latest explorative test strategies are implemented by our test team and developers.


We ensure continuous integration and delivery by maximizing the predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of our products.


We ensure the protection of your data against loss and unauthorized access by using the latest technologies. We keep each server isolated to prohibit access to other servers in our network in case of an attack. All of our APIs use industry-standard SSL-encryption for sending and receiving data.


Our work does not end with the delivery of our products. To ensure that our products continue to function as intended in a constantly changing technical environment, we offer maintenance contracts for continuous support.


We develop our projects as platform independent. Our solutions are available on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux, we use Azure and AWS and .NET, Angular and React in the front-end.


We create innovative implementations of the human-machine interface. Whatever the platform or technology, we have more than a decade of experience in this area. The AI-driven Voice User Interface is our latest contribution to this field.



From the first analysis, development and implementation to support - we cover the entire development process. And thus create the conditions for a long-term, successful cooperation with our customers.

How we work – Analysis


How we work – Architecture


How we work – Tools

Tool selection

How we work – Development


How we work – Enthusiasm


How we work – Analysis


Are you not yet sure about how to get the best benefit for your business from your software development project? Together with your team, we will work out a solution concept that will help you to get ahead.

How we work – Analysis


Once defined software architecture can hardly be changed. Our experts will create a solution, that fits to your requirements and existing IT infrastructure.

How we work – Analysis

Tool selection

We select effective tools and platforms to fit your project and requirements.

How we work – Analysis


A development project is always tailor-made to achieve the best possible results for our customer. We develop fixed-time-fixed-price projects as well as apply Agile Scrum for large scale development projects.

How we work – Analysis


We keep the team spirit up and create conditions that enhance the dedication of all team members and support effective and thorough work.

Our partners


Complex and perfect solutions require cooperation with strong partners. We value our partnerships highly and are pleased that our cooperation is so successful.



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