New SABO Website

New SABO Website
May 25, 2020
Today, after many months of designing, developing, testing and polishing, we launched our new SABO Mobile IT website.

What you are currently using is the first version of a new platform which we created to meet the requirements of the modern world of technology, software, and innovations. Our company needed a place where we can display our present and past projects- A place where we can clearly demonstrate our proficiency, explain how our services will be beneficial to our customers, and introduce ourselves to potential colleagues. And also a place where anyone can easily and quickly contact us.

How we built it

When we started to set the goals for this project, we realised that we have quite specific demands from the system on which it should be built. We knew we wanted to be able to prototype and iterate quickly and be able to maintain the website and its contents effortlessly. We also wanted to save as much time as possible of our developers and keep them primarily focused on our clients.  

We considered and tested multiple platforms, but the perfect one turned out to be Webflow. It is a platform which allowed us to build most of the site by our design team. It also makes editing, updating, and keeping our whole online presence up to date, incredibly simple, and straightforward.

We also used this project to test out and play with some new technologies to help us either with our projects (i.e. Lottie animations) or with our internal processes (automation and integration of MS office 365, Mailchimp, Hubspot and other tools).  

Web design is an iterative process and so the current state is not final- and we will be tweaking and editing parts of the design as we get feedback from our visitors.

SABO Blog: Illustration and icon style

Showcasing our abilities

We are a company which focuses on contract development of innovative software systems and tools for European industrial and medical companies. It has always been a challenge explaining what that means and presenting all the innovative solutions we are able to develop for our clients. To help us explain to our potential clients, or even a “general web audience” what our specialities are and what innovations we can bring to our clients, we made a brand-new subpage “What we do”. On this page, on a fictional factory line, we illustrate areas we focus on and how they can improve the operation of a modern company.

We are proud of the projects we have brought to life and want to showcase them. They can be now found in a brand-new subpage “References”. We tried to include interesting information about the development, the final products, and the tech and expertise we have managed to bring to our clients.

In the new Career page, we want to show our future colleagues how friendly and positive everyone in our team is, how our company works, and what our core values are. We value respect and honesty above all and so we designed this subpage to truthfully reflect our company spirit and atmosphere. The amount of time spent preparing the drafts of the website and new corporate identity with other team-mates serves as solid proof of evidence.

We keep improving the way our new website is integrated with our internal tools to make the work of our managers easier and less “excel-y”.

SABO Blog: New website sketches

To be continued…

We are already working on new things to expand both visual and functional side of our new company website and so we will be happy if you keep visiting us. And, if you feel like it, let us know what you think. You can do so by email, or also through a contact form on the Contact page.

Pavel is a multitalented senior designer specialized in UX/UI with overlaps to print, art direction, branding, and video. He naturally combines a designer’s eye with enthusiasm for new technologies, graphical skills, and experience with marketing communication. He is also a hidden actor and punk band player, and only Microsoft Office can violate his persistent optimistic face.

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