Collaboration of Human and Artificial Intelligence: Monitoring RAM Memory in Docker Containers

Collaboration of Human and Artificial Intelligence: Monitoring RAM Memory in Docker Containers
December 1, 2023
In a world where technology is constantly evolving, we encounter fascinating challenges that often require a creative approach. One such example is the endeavor to efficiently monitor RAM memory in Docker containers. What happens when human minds collaborate with artificial intelligence to find an innovative solution to this task?


of the Idea: Our story began with a simple question: "How can we effectively monitor RAM memory in running Docker containers?" This question opened doors to something new, something unexplored until now.


with ChatGPT: At this juncture, we approached artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, with a request for code to monitor RAM memory. The dialogue was interactive and full of questions and answers that gradually shaped our thoughts.


We proceeded with the implementation of the proposed solution. We integrated the code into our Docker containers and observed how our system began providing accurate information about memory usage.

Results and Benefits:

RAM memory monitoring brought us clear benefits. Swift detection of potential issues, performance optimization, and greater control over our applications. Collaborating with artificial intelligence opened new perspectives in the field of monitoring.

Reflection on Collaboration:

This collaboration was not just about code. It was a journey of exploration, learning from each other, and overcoming challenges. Each question, each answer helped us move forward.


The outcome? Efficient RAM memory monitoring in Docker containers that provided us with an understanding of how to combine human creativity with the advantages of artificial intelligence. When we unite, we open doors to unexpected innovations.

Pavel is a trained DevOps guru and keen SysAdmin in charge of the application lifecycle, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous delivery for both customer and internal SABO projects. He trains software developers in our team and coordinates all DevOps activities. He always has some puns up his sleeve, unpredictably switches to Polish, and likes to cook and bake.

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